Node.js is an open source, cross-platform Runtime Environment for server-side and networking applications. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript, and can be run within the Node.js runtime on iOS.

Node.js web application framework uses a single thread and asynchronous architecture. Each request creates a new thread from a limited pool based on system RAM usage the advantage of its asynchronous design allows Node.js in handling larger number of concurrent connections as compared to other web technologies along with higher rate of throughput on a single-thread therefore making it a highly scalable web platform.

Developing mobile apps with Node.js requires the entire app’s logic to be written in Node.js and then placed in the backend. The user interface then runs on the mobile device under another language. Since Node shines the brightest in I/O-bound, highly concurrent scenarios like that, this works well in most situations.

Node.js for mobile apps excels in supporting responsive applications that processes thousands or millions of data exchanges. A typical Node.js development makes the frontend and backend peers in terms of initiating communication.

Some of the applications that can really benefit by using Node.js are Chat applications and Real-Time Tracking applications.

Some of the advantages of using Node.js are:

  • Easy to install and run locally
  • Highly scalable due to asynchronous, event-driven processing
  • Unified programming language and data type (JavaScript and JSON).
  • Saves time and money in case of highly complex web applications which requires large amount of data integration/migration from one system to another.
  • Node.js provides a server-side runtime environment that compiles and executes JavaScript at faster speeds as compared to other web development frameworks.

Node.js developers can benefit from a growing library of over 100,000 free JavaScript modules contributed by an even faster growing community of such developers.

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