AngularJS applications can run on all major browsers and smart phones including Android and iOS based phones/tablets.

Mobile app with AngularJS makes use of declarative programming for building UI. It is a client-sided framework so all these things are happening in browsers and once can get the elegance of standalone application or desktop applications.

With AngularJS developers can write lesser code as compared to other front-end web development frameworks since it allows reuse of components.

Some of the advantages of AngularJS are:

  • A template can be created and reused in an application multiple number of times.
  • Angular introduces new elements, attributes and some invasive-looking inline code. Its templates are close to pure HTML. Therefore making it easy for the developers to understand.
  • These days AngularJS is preferred to be used for developing lot of high-traffic web sites, it is supported by Google and has vast pool of add-ons which can be used for developing complex web applications as well as educational resources for the developers to understand it better with clear and easy to understand crisp information.
  • With AngularJS one can validate forms and input fields before submitting it without writing a single line of code.
  • The developer can call the code-behind their code in the html.

AngularJS mobile apps provides essential mobile components like switches, overlays, sidebars, scrollable areas, absolute positioned top and bottom navigation bars that don't bounce on scroll. AngularJS mobile apps framework offers two-way data binding, interaction with back-end services and API.

The main features of AngularJs mobile framework includes –

  • Bootstrap 3 mobile components such as switches, overlays and sidebars which are missing in normal bootstrap.
  • AngularJS modules such as angular-route, angular-touch and angular-animate.

Mobile apps using AngularJS does not have any jQuery dependencies, all the developer needs are some AngularJS directives to create great mobile user experiences and interactions.

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